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Symptoms of HIV and AIDS

There are numerous symptoms associated with "HIV Infection" and "AIDS" but some of the information about them seems arbitrary or contradictory.

The quotes are classified as:

AIDS Co-Factors

“Among HIV-infected and uninfected infants, the prevalence of anemia (hemoglobin < 110 g/L) was 90.9 and 76.9%, respectively (P = 0.015), and the prevalence of iron deficiency anemia (hemoglobin < 110 g/L and ferritin < 12 g/L) was 44.3 and 45.4%, respectively (P = 0.92). The relatively higher prevalence of anemia among HIV-infected infants was attributed to the anemia of chronic disease...Infants in Uganda have an extremely high prevalence of anemia, and nearly half of the anemia is due to iron deficiency...Several studies have shown that anemia is associated with decreased survival during HIV infection...[In this study] there was a significant correlation of ferritin with neopterin, an indicator of immune activation...A limitation of this study is that [it did not examine children for malaria which is a blood-borne parasitic disease, which may exacerbate anemia]
Totin D et al. Iron Deficiency Anemia Is Highly Prevalent among Human Immunodeficiency Virus–Infected and Uninfected Infants in Uganda. J Nutr. 2002 Mar;132(3):423-9.
“Genital tract infections were common among these [311 HIV+ women] with most reporting one or more genital tract infection, sexually transmitted disease, or bacterial vaginosis in the past. Trichomonas vaginalis was reported in 43%, syphilis in 22%, chlamydia in 25%, gonorrhoea in 39%, and warts in 24%...225 (85%) of 264 had at least one genital tract infection or bacterial vaginosis”
Kovacs A et al. Determinants of HIV-1 shedding in the genital tract of women. Lancet. 2001 Nov 10;358(9293):1593-1601.

Courtesy Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society, December 7, 2012.

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